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William Alexander Parsons Martin, Griffith John and Hudson Taylor, Hankow, May 1905


From left to right: William Alexander Parsons Martin, Griffith John, Hudson Taylor.

Inscription on back reads:  "3 veterans over 50 years in China, Dr Hudson Taylor, Dr Griffith John and Dr Martin, Rev Hudson Taylor landed Shanghai 1st March 1854. This photo taken a week before he died."

The photograph was presumably taken in Hankow, on 29 April 1905.

According to certain records, the three veteran missionaries also met  in Shanghai (cf. Thompson, Ralph Wardlaw, Griffith John: The Story of Fifty Years in China, A.C. Armstrong, p. xv) on 17 May 1905 (cf. Ashmore, William, China's Millions, China Inland Mission, Council for North America, p. 101). Hudson Taylor died on 3 June, 1905.

Dixon Edward Hoste and Mr Shindler

Messrs. Gordon, Holland and Barlow by Arthur T. Polhill-Turner

Taken by Arthur T. Polhill-Turner, one of the Cambridge Seven, this picture illustrates how missionaries would often wear Chinese clothing.


Identified, to the right, is Claude Herman Barlow (1876-1969).