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Early Kelly & Walsh Publications

Kelly & Walsh Ltd. was formed in 1876 through the amalgamation and partnership of two local Shanghai booksellers: Kelly and Co. and F. & C. Walsh. Kelly & Walsh was incorporated on 1st July 1885, and was located at No. 11 The Bund, before moving to 66 Nanking Road in 1918, with offices also at 12 Nanking Road.



YearAuthorTitleLocationNotesEditionsOCH Ref.
1873Eitel, Ernest J.Buddhism: Its Historical, Theoretical and Popular Aspects In Three Lectures.Shanghai 2nd: 187300108
1874Giles, Herbert A.Synoptical Studies in Chinese CharacterShanghai  00107
1876Von Möllendorff, P. G. & O. F.Manual of Chinese Bibliography, being a List of Works and Essays relating to ChinaShanghaiAlso London: Trübner & Co., Ludgate Hill; Görlitz, Germany: H. Tzschaschel 00142
1878Giles, Herbert A.A Glossary of Reference on Subjects Connected with the Far EastShanghai 3rd:190000001
1877Fa-XianRecord of the Buddhistic KingdomsLondon & ShanghaiWith Trübner & Co. 00116
1878 A Retrospect of Political and Commercial Affairs in China & Japan During the Five Years 1873 to 1877Shanghai; YokohamaWith Kelly & Co. 00115
1880 Rice Growing IllustratedShanghai 1880?00087
1880Martin, W. A. P.Hanlin papers or essays on the intellectual life of the ChineseLondon & ShanghaiWith Trübner & Co. 00104
1884Fries, Sigmund Ritter vonAbriss der Geschichte China's seit seiner EntstehungHong Kong, Shanghai, Wien 1st: 188400086
1884Giles, Herbert A.Gems Of Chinese LiteratureLondon & ShanghaiWith Bernhard Quaritch1st: 1884; Later: 1922; Enlarged: 192300098
1884Van Aalst, J. A.Chinese MusicShanghai  00143
1885Haas, JosephDeutsch-Chinesisches ConversationsbuchShanghai 2nd: 188500089
1885Hirth, FriedrichChina and the Roman Orient; Researches into their ancient and medieval relations as represented in old Chinese records Shanghai, Hong Kong, Leipzig, München  00002
1886 Transactions of the Asiatic Society of JapanYokohamaK&W: Eds., with R. Meiklejohn & Co. 00080
1886Chamberlain, Basil Hall A Simplified Grammar of the Japanese Language (Modern Written Style)London & YokohamaWith Trubner & Co.3 vols. in 100003
1887Giles, Herbert A.Chinese without a teacher, being a collection of easy and useful sentences in the Mandarin dialect, with a vocabularyShanghai, Hong Kong, Yokohama & Singapore 1st: 1872, A. H. Carvalho, Shanghai, 2nd enlarged:1887; 5th: 1901; 9th: 193100185
1888Aston, William GeorgeGrammar of the Japanese Spoken LanguageYokohama 4th: 188800004
1888Chamberlain, Basil HallA Handbook of Colloquial JapaneseLondon & Tokyo 2nd: 1898; 3rd: 1898; 4th:190700079
1888Parker, Edward HarperChinese Account of the Opium WarShanghai  00106
1890Ogawa, KikuzawaFamous Castles and Temples in JapanTokyo  00222
1890Thomson, J. C.List of Medical Missionaries to the ChineseShanghai  00081
1890Bickersteth, EdwardThe witness of the Church to the Resurrection : a
sermon preached in the Church of S. Andrew, Shiba, Tokyo, on Easter Day, 1890
YokohamaPrinted at the "Japan Mail" office 00120
1890Chamberlain, Basil HallThings Japanese, Being Notes on Various Subjects Connected with Japan for the Use of Travellers and OthersLondon and Yokahama, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, TokyoWith John Murray, Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner; Tokyo, The Hakubunsha, Ginza190500016
1890Farasi, A.A Pocket-Book of Japanese Words and Phrases by A. Farsari, Sixth Edition Revised and EnlargedYokohama1890?4th: 189000103
1890Murdoch, JamesAyame-san: a Japanese Romance of the 23rd Year of MeijiYokohama  00088
1890Tung, ChiaLays of Far Cathay and Others: A Collection of Original PoemsShanghai  00078
1891Bramhall, Mae St JohnJapanese Jingles, Being a Few Little Verses Which Have Appeared Before in the 'Japan Gazette'Tokyo & Yokohama Ed: Hasegawa, T.189200093
1891Chamberlain, Basil Hall & Mason, W. B.A Handbook for Travellers in Japan Including the Whole Empire from Yezo to FormosaLondon, Yokohama, Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore 3rd: 1891; 7th: 190300055
1891Liu, HsiangTypical Women of ChinaShanghai  00092
1891Parker, Edward HarperUp the Yang-TseHong Kong 1st: 1891; 189900099
1892Ball, J. DyerThings Chinese: Being Notes on Various Subjects Connected with ChinaHong Kong1925 5th edition revised by Edward Theodore Chalmers Werner1st: 1892; 2nd: 1893; 3rd: 1900; 4th: 1903; 5th: 192500030
1892Boehm, LiseChina Coast TalesShanghai 1st: 1892; Later: 189800064
1892Giles, Herbert A.A Chinese-English Dictionary 1st Edition in 2 volumes1st: 1892; 2nd: 191200083
1893Conder, JosiahLandscape Gardening in Japan Tokyo2 Volumes; 40 collotype plates by Ogawa Kazumasa1st: 1893; 2nd: 189900005
1893Hasegawa, T.OyuchasanYokohamaPublished by T. Hasegawa, Tokyo, Kelly & Walsh, Yokohama2nd edition published by Kelly & Walsh00212
1893Kobayashi Nitto, AbbotThe Doctrines of Nichiren - with a Sketch of his LifeTokyo  00096
1893Royal Asiatic SocietyA Manual of Chinese Quotations: being a Translation of the Ch'eng Yu K'ao, with the Chinese Text, Notes, Explanations and an Index for Easy Reference.Hong Kong  00216
1893Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. XXV New Series No. 2. 1890-91 00006
1893YoshimoneForty Seven Ronin : A Japanese LegendTokyo Later: 1908?00069
1894Ball, J[ames] DyerAn English-Cantonese pocket vocabulary: containing common words and phrases, printed without the Chinese characters or tonic marks, the sounds of the Chinese words being represented by an English spelling as far as practicable.Hong Kong 2nd revised and enlarged: 189400172
1894Ball, J[ames] DyerReadings in Cantonese Colloquial: Being selections from books in the Cantonese vernacular, with free and liberal translations of the Chinese character and romanised spelling.Hong Kong  00111
1894Ogawa, KazumasaMap of JapanYokohama  00097
1895Chamberlain, Basil HallEssay in aid of a grammar and dictionary of the Luchuan languageYokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong & SingaporeTokyo: Z. P. Maryua & Co.; London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co., 00173
1895Inouye, JukichiThe Fall of Wei-hai-weiYokohama  00100
1895Inouye, Jukichi & Ogawa, KazumasaThe Japan - China War: On the Regent's Sword. Kinchow, Talienwan, Port ArthurYokohamaPrinted at the Tsukiji Type Foundry, Tokyo 00007
1895Inouye, JukichiThe Japan-China war: The naval battle of HaiyangYokohama  00101
1895Ogawa, KazumasaCostumes and Customs in JapanTokyo  00218
1895Parker, Edward HarperA Thousand Years of the TartarsShanghaiLondon: Sampson Low, Marston & Company; Shanghai: printed by Kelly & Walsh 00219
1895Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. XXVII New Series 1892-3 00091
1896 Kelly & Walsh's Handbook of the Japanese Language for the Use of Tourists and Residents: Being a Guide to Conversations in the Colloquial Style, to which Is Added a Carefully Selected Vocabulary of Words and PhrasesYokohama 1st: 1896; 2nd: 189800174
1896Eastlake, F. WarringtonHeroic Japan: a History of the War between China and JapanYokohama  00194
1896Harmony, DulcieMusical JapanYokohama, Shanghai, Hong KongPublished by Akiyama Aisaburo, distributed by Kelly and Walsh 00008
1896Hope, R. C.The Temples and Shrines of NikkoYokohama 1st: 189600095
1896Ogawa, Kazumasa & Takashima, SutetaIllustrations of Japanese LifeTokyo2 Volumes 00085
1896Ogawa, KazumasaLilies of JapanTokyo  00082
1897Faber, E.The mind of Mencius or Political Economy founded upon moral philosophyTokyoWith Nippon Seikokwai Shuppan Kwaisha 00094
1897Mayers, William FrederickThe Chinese Government: A Manual of Chinese titles Categorically Arranged and Explained, with an AppendixShanghai1st Ed.: 1878, American Presbyterian Mission Press, Shanghai; 2nd Ed.: Tribner, London 18783rd: 189700138
1897Takashima, S.The Hanali (Flower Picnic)   00216
1898Blumentritt, FerdinandBiography of Dr. Jose Rizal: the Distinguished and Talented Philippine Scholar and Patriot, Infamously Shot in Manila on December 30, 1896Singapore  00203
1898Giles, Herbert A.A Chinese Biographical DictionaryLondon & ShanghaiWith Bernard Quaritch1st: 189800090
1898Ku Hung-MingThe Discourses and Sayings of ConfuciusShanghai  00144
1898Parloa, Maria et al.The Oriental Cook BookShanghai  00145
1898Ross, John DillThe Capital of a Little Empire: Descriptive Study of British Crown Colony in the Far EastSingapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai & Yokohama  00167
1899Aston, W.G.A History of Japanese LiteratureLondon, YokohamaWith William Heinemann; Ed: Edmund Gosse 00102
1899Barrett, JohnThe Philippine Islands and America's interests in the Far EastHong Kong  00202
1899Chamberlain, Basil HallA practical introduction to the study of Japanese
Yokohama 1st: 1899; 2nd: 190500121
1899Conder, JosiahThe Floral Art of JapanTokyo 2nd: 189900084
1899Coulhurst, J. E.The Dewey SouvenirHong Kong  00077
1899Foreman, JohnThe Philippine Islands, A Political, Geographical, Ethnographical, Social and Commercial History of the Philippine Archipelago and its Political Dependencies, Embracing the Whole Period of Spanish RuleShanghai 2nd: 1899; 3rd: 190600210
1899Parker, Edward HarperChinese Customs (a Lecture Delivered at the Request of the Senate of University College, Liverpool)Shanghai 189900207
1899Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. XXX. New Series. No. 2. 1895-96.  00009
1899Safford, A. C.Stock Photo Typical Women of China. Translated from a Popular Native Work on the Virtues, Words, Deportment and Employment of the Women of ChinaShanghaiEdited by John Fryer 00075
1900Bretschneider, E.Map of China and the surrounding regionsShanghai, Hong Kong, Yokohama & Singapore 2nd: 190000105
1900Campbell, C. W.List of the Higher Metropolitan and Provincial Authorities of China.ShanghaiCompiled by the Chinese Secretarties, H.B.M. Legation, Peking. Corrected to March 1899.190000209
1900Fryer, JohnOriental Studies: A Series of College Textbooks on Subjects Connected with China, Japan and Other Eastern LandsShanghai  00146
1900Helmuth, William TodFair Japan, Optimistic Version & Fair Japan, Pessimistic Version  Yokohama2 Volumes 00010
1900Ogawa, KasumasaPhotographs of Japanese Customs and MannersYokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Singapore 00217
1900Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. XXXI 1896-97 00011
1900Stanton, WilliamThe Triad Society or Heaven and Earth AssociationHong Kong  00221
1900Wang, YinglingElementary Chinese: san tzu ching.Shanghai 1st: 1900; 2nd: 191000110
1901Gipps, G.The Fighting in North China (Up to the Fall of Tientsin City)Shanghai  00147
1901Wilkinson, R. J.A Malay - English dictionarySingapore 1st: 1901; later ed.: 1903; Romanised edition: 193200013
1902Moule, George EvansFaith and Duty: Sermons Preached in the English Cathedral, ShanghaiShanghai  00148
1902Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. XXXIV 1901-02.  00012
1903Batchelor, JohnA Grammar of the Ainu languageYokohama  00072
1903Satow, Ernest Mason, Masakata, IshibashiAn English-Japanese Dictionary of the Spoken LanguageYokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong & Singapore 3rd: 190300171
1903Wade, Thomas France and Hillier, Walter CaineYü yen tzu êrh chi. A progressive course designed to assist the student of colloquial Chinese as spoken in the capital and the metropolitan department. Prepared by Thomas Francis Wade and Walter Caine HillerShanghai 3rd, abridged: 190300149
1904Ball, J[ames] DyerThe Cantonese Made Easy. Vocabulary. A small dictionary in English and Cantonese, containing words and phrases used in the spoken language, with the classifiers indicated for each noun, and definitions of the different shades of meaning, as well as notes on the different uses of some of the words where ambiguity might otherwise ariseHong Kong 3rd revised and enlarged: 190400176
1904Darwent, Rev. C. E.Shanghai: a Handbook for Travellers and Residents to the Chief Objects of interest in and around the Foreign Settlements and Native CityShanghai 1st: 190400123
1904Ogawa, KazumasaThe Russo-Japanese WarTokyo  00215
1904Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. XXXV 1903-04.  00015
1905Giles, H. A.Adversaria SinicaShanghai1st Series, No. 1: 1905; No. 2: 1906; No. 3: 1906; No. 4: 1906; No. 5: 1906; No. 6: 1908; No. 7: 1909; No. 8: 1910; No. 9: 1911; No. 10: 1913; No. 11: 1914; 2nd Series, No. 1: 1915. 00124
1905Giles, Herbert AllenAn Introduction to the History of Chinese Pictorial ArtShanghai  00195
1905Howell, E. B.The Inconstancy Of Madam Chuang and other stories from the ChineseShanghai, Hong-Kong, Singapore 1924?00017
1905Schwabe, Minnie A. and Patton, Emily S.Japanese Types Sketched by Brush and PenYokohama  00223
1905Wade, T. F.Key to the Tzu Erh ChiShanghaiDocumentary Series2nd: 190500150
1906 Kelly & Walsh's Handbook of the Malay Language for the use of tourists and residentsSingapore 3rd: 1906; 6th: 1919;00175
1906Ball, James DyersThe Celestial and his Religions: or the Religious Aspect in China, Being a Series of Lectures on the Religions of the ChineseHong Kong  00067
1906De Becker, J. E.De Becker's Japanese Law of Trading Partnerships and Companies Yokohama  00018
1906Papinot, E.Dictionnaire D'Histoire Et De Geographie Du Japon Illustre De 300 Gravures, De Plusieurs Cartes Et Suivi de 18 Appendices Tokyo and ShanghaiWith Librairie Sansaisha  00019
1906Ponting, Herbert G.Japanese StudiesYokohama 1st: 190600125
1907Forke, A.Lun Hêng, Philosophical Essays of Wang ChungShanghaiVol. I: 1907; Vol. II: 1911. 00151
1907Kershaw, J. C.Butterflies of Hong KongHong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Yokohama 1st: 190700126
1907Moule, G. E.Notes on Hangzhou, Past and PresentShanghai  00152
1907Walshe, W. GilbertWays that are dark: Some chapters on Chinese etiquette and social procedureShanghai 1907?00153
1908Giles, Herbert A.Strange Stories from a Chinese StudioShanghai T. De la Rue & co.: 1880; 1st K&W: 1908; Subs: 1916, 1926; 4th: 193600020
1910Balet, Jean CyprianMilitary Japan : the Japanese army and navy in 1910Yokohama  00119
1910Chamberlain, Basil HallJapanese PoetryYokohama  00122
1910De Havilland, W. A.The ABC of Go: The National War-Game of Japan   00154
1910Harrison, E. J.Peace or War East of Baikal?Yokohama  00127
1910Morse, Hosea BallouThe International Relations of the Chinese EmpireShanghai, Hongkong, Singapore & Yokohama3 Volumes191800021
1910Noguchi, YoneLafcadio Hearn in Japan London & YokohamaWith Elkin Mathews 1st: 1910; 2nd: 191100022
1910Ogawa, KazumasaSights and Scenese in Fair JapanTokyo  00214
1910Playfair, G. H. M.The cities and towns of China, a geographical dictionaryShanghai 2nd: 191000136
1910Swettenham, Frank AthelstaneVocabulary of the English and Malay languages with notesShanghai 1st: 1910; 9th: 192700128
1911Brunnert, Ippolit Semenovich & Hagelstrom, V. V.Present-day political organization of ChinaShanghai1st: 19102nd: 1911; 3rd: 191200137
1911Fraser, Henry, & Stanton, A. T.The Etiology of Beri-BeriSingapore  00180
1911Hunter, WilliamBits of Old ChinaShanghai 2nd: 191100056
1911Strong, George V.A Japanese-English Dictionary for Military TranslationYokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore 1st: 191100186
1912Akimoto, S.Tokyo miyageYokohama  00114
1913De Becker, J. E.Commentary on the Commercial Code of JapanYokohama3 Volumes 00023
1913Piggott, Capt. F.S.G.Elements of SoshoYokohama 1st: 191300129
1914Cowles, Roy T.A Pocket Dictionary of Cantonese-English with English-Cantonese indexHong Kong  00177
1914Crow, CarlHandbook for ChinaShanghai 2nd: 191400024
1914Hillier, WalterThe Chinese Language and How to Learn ItShanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yokohama, Hankow 2nd: 191400025
1915Ainscough, Thomas A.Notes From A FrontierShanghai  00155
1915Pott, F. L.A Sketch of Chinese HistoryShanghai 3rd: 1915; 4th: 192300118
1915Robertson, James AlexanderBibliography of early Spanish Japanese RelationsYokohama  00200
1915Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiMoule, G. E., Betts, G.E., Mencarini, J. et al.  00026
1915Smith, Allan CorstorphinLittle Lessons in JapaneseYokohama, Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore2 Volumes: Lesson I. The Verb. Present, Past and Future; Lesson 2. Requests and Commands. The Gerund.1st: 191500170
1916Pai, Ta-ShunChinese LyricsShanghai 1st: 191600187
1916Winstedt, Richard OlofColloquial Malay: A Simple Grammar with ConversationsSingapore 1st: 1916; 2nd: 192000117
1917Abraham, R. D.Notes on Chinese Painting with Reproductions from My CollectionShanghaiPrivately Printed[1917]00226
1917Couling, SamuelEncyclopaedia SinicaShanghai  00061
1917Goldsmith, H. E.Road Construction & Maintenance in the TropicsHong Kong 1st: 191700156
1920Bredon, JulietPeking: A historical and intimate description of its chief places of interest Shanghai 1sr: 1920; 2nd: 1922; 3rd: 193100037
1920Cowles, Roy T.Inductive Course in CantoneseHong Kong, Hankow, Shanghai, Singapore,  YokohamaCourse and teacher's companion book1st: 1920.00188
1920Goldsmith, H. E.Modern Road Construction and Maintenance, illustratedHong Kong 1st: 1920; 2nd: 192300157
1920Hurley, R. C.Handbook to the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong and DependenciesHong Kong  00168
1921Johnston, R. F.The Chinese DramaShanghai  00130
1921Lanning, George & Couling, SamuelThe History of ShanghaiShanghai 1st: 192100131
1921Morse, Hosea BallouThe Trade and Administration of ChinaShanghai  00198
1921Plant, S. CornellGlimpses of the Yangtze Gorges Shanghai 1st:1921; 2nd: 192600027
1922Fitch, Robert F.Hangchow ItinerariesShanghai 2nd: 192200028
1922Fitkin, Gretchen MaeThe Great River: The story of a voyage on the Yangtze Kiang. With an introduction by Arthur de Carle SowerbyShanghai  00220
1922Fitch, AlexanderSzechwan, Its Products Industries and ResourcesShanghai  00140
1922Mennie, DonaldThe Pageant of PekingShanghai  00158
1922Morgan, EvanColloquial sentences with new terms: Chinese and English textsShanghai 1st: A. S. Watson, 1920; 2nd: 192200159
1922Winstedt, Richard O.An English-Malay DictionarySingapore  00201
1923Grantham, A. E.The Twilight-hour of Yang Kuei FeiShanghai  00063
1923Wilkinson, Richard JamesA History of the Peninsular Malays, with chapters on Perak & SelangorSingapore 3rd, rev.: 192300160
1924Allman, Norwood FrancisHandbook on the Protection of Trade-marks, patents, copy-rights, and trade names in ChinaShanghai  00199
1924Donnelly, MonaChinese Junks and Other Native CraftShanghai  00060
1925Donnelly, Ivon A.Chinese Junks and Other Native CraftShanghai  00161
1925Giles, Herbert AllenQuips from a Chinese Jest BookShanghai 1st: 192500184
1925Giles, Herbert AllenThe Second Hundred Best CharactersShanghai 2nd: 1925; 3rd: 194900113
1925Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. LVI 00029
1926Crane, LouiseChina in Sign and Symbol ShanghaiWith decorations by Kent Crane 00204
1926Giles, H. A.Chuang Tzu: Mystic, Moralist, and Social Reformer Shanghai  00031
1926Kann, EduardThe Currencies of ChinaShanghai 1st: 1926; 2nd: 192700162
1926Mennie, DonaldThe Grandeur of the GorgesShanghaiA. S. Watson & Company1st: 192600132
1927Bredon, Juliet & Mitrophanow, IgorThe moon year. A record of Chinese customs and festivalsShanghai  00112
1927Kann, EduardAn Investigation of Silver and Gold Transactions Affecting ChinaShanghai 2nd: 192700189
1927Pott, F. L.Shanghai of To-day - A souvenir album of fifty Vandyke gravure prints of “The model settlement”Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore True 1si: 1927; 1st: 1928; 2nd: 1929; 3rd: 193000109
1927Ratay, J. P.Current Chinese: A Translation of the Shih Yung Hsin Chung Hua Yu Shanghai  00032
1928D'Auxion de Ruffe, ReginaldIs China Mad?ShanghaiTranslated by Peyton-Griffin, R. T. 00057
1929Ching_Lin HsiaThe Status of Shanghai, a Historical review of the International Settlement[Shanghai]  00179
1929Purcell, V. W. W. S.The Spirit of Chinese Poetry: An Original EssaySingapore  00033
1929Royal Asiatic SocietyJournal of the North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic SocietyShanghaiVol. LX 00071
1930Arlington, Lewis C.The Chinese Drama From Earliest Times until TodayShanghai  00139
1930Bredon, JulietChinese New Year Festivals - A Picturesque Monograph of the Rites, Ceremonies and Observances in Relation TheretoShanghai  00225
1930Davis, C. NoelA History of the Shanghai Paper Hunt Club, 1863-1930ShanghaiIllustrated by Edmund Toeg1st; 193000133
1930Tyau, Min-Ch'ien T.Z. (Editor)Two Years of Nationalist ChinaShanghai  00034
1931 Civil code of the Republic of ChinaShanghaiTranslated into English by Ching-Lin Hsia, James L.E. Chow, Liu Chieh, Y. Chang 00076
1931Chiung, ShuBeauty of BeautiesHong Kong 1st: 193100035
1931McHugh, J. M.Introductory Mandarin Lessons or Hua Yü Hsin Chieh ChingShanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore  00036
1931Savage-Bailey, K. E.Caroline the CrocodileSingapore  00227
1932Bousfield, Lillie SnowdenSun-Wu StoriesShanghai  00062
1932Chao KungCan War Be AbolishedShanghai  00163
1932Werner, E. T. C.Dictionary of Chinese Mythology Shanghai  00038
1932Williams, C. A. S.Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art MotivesShanghai  00164
1934Catleen, EllenPeking StudiesShanghaiIllustrated by Friedrich Schiff 00039
1934Le Palud, A. M.The Yangtze Gorges in Pictures and Prose: A Pictorial Souvenir of the Yangtze Gorges, Illustrated With Fifty-Seven Photographic Studies.Hong Kong & Singapore 1934?00069
1934Wen Hwan MaAmerican policy toward China as revealed in the debates of CongressShanghai  00065
1934White, William Charles Tombs of Old Lo-Yang, A Record of the Construction and Contents of a group of Royal Tombs at Chin-t'sun, Honan, probably dating 550 B. C.Shanghai  00040
1935 The criminal code of the Republic of China embodying the law of governing the application of the criminal code and the penal code of army, navy and air forces of the Republic of ChinaShanghai  00196
1935Le Gros Clark, Cyril Drummond & Su Tung-P'oThe Prose-Poetry of Su Tung-P'oShanghai  00041
1935Giles, HerbertThe Hundred Best CharactersShanghai 2nd: 193500042
1935Koehn, AlfredThe Way of Japanese Flower ArrangementShanghai 1st: 193500165
1935Wong, Nellie C.Chinese Dishes for Foreign HomesShanghai  00043
1936Goette, JohnJade Lore Shanghai  00044
1936Lin, YutangA History of the Press and Public Opinion ChinaShanghai  00213
1936Nance, Florence RushSoochow, the Garden CityShanghai  00169
1937Dickason, Deane H.Wondrous AngkorShanghai  00141
1937Keesing, Felix M.The Philippines: A Nation in the MakingShanghai  00134
1937Winstedt, Richard OlofDictionary of Colloquial MalaySingaporeRomanized3rd: 194900050
1938Hsu, ShuhsiHow the Far Eastern Was Was BegunShanghai  00208
1938Hsü, ShuhsiJapan and ShanghaiShanghai  00166
1938Thorbecke, EllenHong KongShanghaiSketches by Schiff 00182
1938Wright, StanleyChina's Struggle for Tariff AutonomyShanghai  00224
1939Landon, Kenneth PerrySiam in Transition: A Brief Survey of Cultural Trends in the Five Years since the Revolution of 1932Shanghai 1st: 193900070
1939Mason, IsaacNotes on Chinese Mohammedan LiteratureShanghaiReprint from 1925 JotNCBotRAS 00045
1939Hsu, ShuhsiA digest of Japanese war conductShanghai, Hong Kong & Singapore 1st: 1939; Revised in 194100073
1939Hsu, ShuhsiDocuments of the Nanking Safety Zone: Prepared under the Auspices of the Council of International AffairsShanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore  00190
1939Hsu, ShuhsiThree weeks of Canton bombingsShanghai  00191
1939Lin, YutangMoment in Peking ShanghaiAuthorized Edition for China only is published by special arrangement with the author and the publisher, The John Day Company, New York 00211
1940Ahlers, JohnJapan Closing the "Open Door" in China Shanghai  00046
1940Herbecke, EllenHong KongHong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore  00135
1941Hsu, ShuhsiAn Introduction to Sino-Foreign Relations Shanghai  00047
1941Hsu, ShuhsiJapan and the Third PowersShanghai  00192
1941Hsu, ShuhsiWhither JapanShanghai  00193
1941Williams, C. A. S.Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art MotivesShanghai  00068
1947Winstedt, Richard OlofThe Malays: A Cultural HistorySingapore  00048
1948Brown, C. C.Mural Ditties and Sime Road SoliloquiesSingapore1948: Illustrated by R. W. E. Harper 00058
1949Winstedt, Richard OlofSimple Malay grammar for the use of schools Singapore  00049
1953McHugh, J.N.A Handbook of Spoken "Bazaar" Malay Singapore  00051
1953Winstedt, Sir RichardA Practical Modern Malay-English Dictionary with an Appendix of Arabic SpellingsSingapore  00178
1954Wood, MayeMalay for MemsSingapore 7th: 195400074
1955Winstedt, Richard OlofAn Unabridged Malay-English Dictionary Singapore  00052
1968Giles, Herbert A.Strange Stories from a Chinese StudioHong Kong  00205
1970Davis, John GordonHong Kong: Through the Looking GlassHong Kong 3rd: 1972; 1975; 197700066
1970Lo Kwan-ChungRomance of the Three KingdomsKong KongTranslated by C.H. Brewitt-Taylor 00181
1970Lai, Tien-ChangA Scholar in Imperial ChinaHong Kong  00206
1976Lai, T. C.Kweilin: China's Most Scenic SpotHong Kong  00014
1976Lai, T. C.Chinese SealsHong Kong  00053
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