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List of foreign-language publishers in 19th and early 20th century China

The following is a non-comprehensive list of book, periodical and newspaper publishers based in China with a record of publication in foreign languages (mainly English and/or French). The dates of publications column contains the years of recorded foreign-language publication.

PublisherLocationDates of PublicationsNotes
A. S. Watson  & Co.Shanghai192016 Nanking Road
American Presbyterian Mission PressShanghai1907 
Asia Statistics Co.Shanghai1943-1944 
Board of Conservatory Works of KwangtungCanton1919 
Canadian Methodist Mission PressKiating, then Chengtu1897-1921West China
Canadian Methodist Mission Press   
Carl Emmo Vissering Eigenverlag des VerfassersBeijing/Peking1943 
Chihli PressTientsin1935 
China Baptist Publication SocietyCanton1899-1912 
China Camera ClubShanghai1891 
China Continuation CommitteeShanghai1918 
China Forestry Publishing HouseBeijing/Peking1901 
China Inland MissionShanghai1894 
China Inland Mission PressTihwafu1916 
China Institute of Pacific RelationsTientsin1933 
China JournalShanghai1936 
China Mail OfficeHong Kong1875No 2 Wyndham Street
China Publishing Co.Taipei1943 
China Travel Service 1920 
China Weekly ReviewShanghai1918-1950 
Chinese National Committee on Intellectual CooperationShanghai1936 
Christian Book RoomShanghai19203 Quinsan Garden
Christian Herald Industrial Mission PressFoochow1933 
Christian Literature Society DepotShanghai1914 
Christian Literature Society for ChinaShanghai1912 
Christian Literature Society of ChinaShanghai1912-1914 
Chung Hwo Book CompanyShanghai 1927 
Commercial Advertising AgencyShanghai1934 
Commercial Press, Ltd.Shanghai1907-1919 
Customs PressShanghai1871 
Daily Tribune Publishing Co.Shanghai1935-1945 
E. ShingCanton1902 
Foreign Languages PressBeijing/Peking1899-1904 
G. J. Steyn and BrotherMacao1834 
Henri VetchPeking1938 
Honorable East India Company's pressMacao1817 
Impresso na Typographia do SeminarioMacau1896 
Imprimerie de NazarethHong Kong1895 
Imprimerie de la Mission CatholiqueHo Kien Fou, Tcheu Li/Chih Li1910 
Imprimerie de la Mission Catholique de l'Orphelinat de T'ou-Sè-WèShanghai1903 
International Institute of ChinaShanghai1913 
J. Broadhurst TootalShanghai1877 
John E. ParadissisTientsin1940 
Kaiserlichen Deutschen KonsulatTientsin1900 
Kelly & WalshShanghai1873-1917 
KulangseuAmoy1898Chui Keng Tong
Kwang Hsueh Publishing HouseBeijing/Peking/Shanghai1933 
Librairie FrancaiseTientsin1924 
Loureiro & CoShanghai  
McTavish & Co. LtdShanghai   
Methodist Episcopal Mission PressFoochow1870-1871 
Methodist Publishing HouseShantung1920 
Mission de SienshienTientsin1935 
Nankai Institute of EconomicsTientsin1936 
Noronha & CoHong Kong1879 
Noronha e FilhosShanghai1888 
North China Daily News & Herald Ltd.Shanghai1918-1939 
North China Printing & Publishing Co.Tientsin1913 
North China Tientsin Press, Ltd.Tientsin1914 
North China Union CollegeTungchou1909 
North-China HeraldShanghai1890-1893 
Office of the Chinese RepositoryMacao1844 
Office of the Oriental Republican MessengerWeihawei1914 
Oriental PressShanghai1915 
Peiyang PressTientsin and Peking1931-1933 
Peking International Women's ClubPeking1938 
Peking Leader PressPeking1925-1928 
Peking Society of Natural HistoryPeking1928 
Peking Union Medical CollegePeking1921-1925 
Presbyterian Mission PressShanghai1917 
Republican PressShanghai1932173 North Honan Road
Romanized PressFoochow1908 
Rozario, Marcal & Co.Foochow1872 
Shanghai MercuryShanghai1910 
Shantung Christian UniversityTsinan1920 
Societe Francaise de Librairie et d’EditionTientsin1926-1927 
Stanley Book ClubTientsin1935 
Statistical Department of the Inspectorate General of CustomsShanghai1917 
Styler MissionShanghtung1906 
Tien-Shih-Chai Photo-lithographic WorksShanghai1879 
Tientsin Hui Wen AcademyTientsein1935 
Tientsin Press Ltd.Tientsin1918-192933 Victoria Rd.
Typ. de D. NoronhaHong Kong1863 
Typis Societatis Missionum Ad ExterosHong Kong1890 
Typographia MercantilMacau1873 
Typographia de J. da SilvaMacau1874 
Typographia do SeminarioMacau1885 
Typographie du Pei-T'angBeijing/Peking1890 
University of NankingNanking1915 
Université l'AuroreShanghai1928-1946 
Verlag der Brigade-ZeitungTientsin1905 
Whangpoo Conservacy BoardShanghai1905-1936